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Hannu Ekblom
He has been an avid birder since 1964.
He started to band them back in 1988.
In 1995 he banded some 3200 birds
belonging to 82 species.
His first camera he bought way back in -79
and itīs still use. Now he has two Olympus
camera bodies. He has been a member of
WWF White-Tailed Eagle working group in
Finland since 1982.

Hannu Hautala
He is propably the best know finnish nature
photographer. His photos have appeared in
numerous books and magazines.

Ilkka Heiskanen
A well know nature sound recorder in Finland.
Recordings are originally in stereo.
All bird sound material by Ilkka.

Juhani Kyyrö
Iīve always thought of my bird "hunting" as
an occasional hobby. But as the years have
gone - pictures seem to accumulate. And I
have had the habit of carrying my camera
with me always wherever I go...

How to recognize the photographer

Every photo will eventually have a signature.

Hannu Ekblom:
Hannu Hautala:
and for myself:
You can also tell the photographer from the
filename - initials.

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