Sunday, October 19, 2003

What´s new 10/19/2003 19:30:22  

This is the contents of the old style "about"-page:

Been working on the taxonomic list. Should now work up to Passeriformes. Updating Passeriformes. Adding also new photos as work goes on. Currently over 230 species with photos, more than 750 photos and 110 songs.


All videos need to be downloaded before playing. These are all in RealVideo format. Sound quality is not perfect. This can be easily heard in the wood warbler video.

If You work through the taxonomic list only then the following are working fully: Gaviiformes, Podicipediformes, Pelecaniiformes, Ciconiiformes and Anseriformes.

All others (except Passeriformes) work fully but You will get a server error when You click on a single species and if there are no pictures available. In Passeriformes You will encounter more frequent server errors...

Pages are best wieved when You turn the links underlined option off in Your browser. That is the way these pages are designed! (Almost everything is a link...)

The photos are initially shown as stamp size (120x90pixels). Clicking on an image will load a larger image (348x288pixels). The file sizes are roughly 4 - 6k (stamp) and anything between 30 - 80k for larger. In some occasions I start with the larger size - then the loadable image is something in the order of 768x512pixels (varies a lot) and the file size is around 100 to 200k.

To see the russian bird names correcty, You must have a font named "Cyrillic" installed in Your computer!

Photo transfer

All photos by Hannu Ekblom and Hannu Hautala I have scanned with Polaroid Sprintscan 35. All pictures are first scanned to a resolution of 1024x768. Then I remove defects (scratches, dust etc.), then possible color corrections, then resampling to sizes mentioned above and finally sharpening filters (adaptive unsharp and directional). The amount of corrections depends on the picture - and my taste.

My all new photos are transfer straight to Photo-CD, no paper copies! Old stuff is scanned with a Polaroid Sprintscan 35. Better would be to transfer to Photo-CD but the price is way way too steep for an amateur photographer like myself - I can barely afford to put the new material straight into a CD. This limits severely my trigger happy finger and I´m paying the price for it too - don´t get those acceptably sharp pictures as often as I would like to and was used to.

The Photo-CD transfer quality isn´t what I would like to see: Color is always a little off and that ever present dust! Have yet to see a dustfree scanning job done! And also, the pictures are always just a bit off from a perfect focus. For these reasons I never never want to show my pictures straight from Photo-CD. I still have to "develop" them!

As I shifted to Photo-CD; I also changed my film from slides to print. I use ASA 100 speed film or slower.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Moro !

Virtual-birdissä hyviä kuvia, mutta maakotkasta kaipaisin lentokuvaa muuttavien tunnistamiseksi.
Etukäteen kiittäen Alpo Mäkinen

Tämä onpi työn alla, etsitään josko löytyisi diakokoelmasta sopivia.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Dear Juhani,

I'm doing a comparative study of Phylloscopus songs and I have found some of your recordings in your website. I wonder whether I could use these for my analysis. Are these birds all recorded in Finland in the springtime?

Thanks for your help. All the best
Departamento de Ecología Evolutiva
Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC)

I do not have a straight answer for this. Ilkka Heiskanen has made the recordings - please contact him directly.
His email address can be found at the bottom of this page.