Friday, February 07, 2003

I have often thought that the only way I will learn to recognise bird songs would be if I could generate quizzes which would play bird songs and I would have to guess the bird.

I want to have control over the actual songs, so that, for example I could start with just a blue tit and a great tit, and then at a later stage add a 3rd bird etc.

I now have a piece of software which will allow me to create the quizzes. It is called Scientific Workplace, and it comes with an Exam Builder. I am delighted to find that I can insert hyperlinks to play your sound files, and at long last there is a chance that I will learn to recognise some bird songs.

This will work well while I am connected to the internet, but it would obviously be more convenient if I could get your sound files stored in my own computer.

Will you allow me to do this? And if you do, can you tell me how to do this. (I suspect that if I was 16, not 60, I would already know how to (illegally) get sound from the internet into my computer.)

Thank you very much for your great site. I am delighted to have found it




There's no problem in copying the files for one's own computer as long as the usage is private and non commercial.
Loading files can simple be achieved (in IE) by right clicking the song link and then selecting "Save target as".

Thursday, February 06, 2003


I must say I like your wallpapers very much. I was searching the internet for photo's from the Vancouver Island surrounding, especially Sproat Lake, with the very big waterplanes (Phillipine Mars).
We are travelling this summer to Canada (Vancouver Island but also the national parks), so I hope to see the country as it is on your photo's. If you have more photo's from Canada, please upload them on your website.

With kindly regards,

Henri Achterkamp
The Netherlands