Monday, September 24, 2001

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I'm thrilled to have found your
I'm a Canadian-Finn who is currently exiled in the US and your pictures help
me cope greatly. People at work notice how serene my desktop can be.
The farm scenes remind me of my mummo's farm in Karjala and while I'm from
Ontario, I enjoy your other shots since they're at least from Canada.
Paljon kittoksia - lisää kuvia, ole hyvä! :-)
Mrs. Helena Schmitt

Sunday, September 02, 2001

Comments: Great Web site! The photos are wonderful and sound recordings are top quality! I enjoyed visiting your site and I have downloaded some very interesting sound recordings . . .. (the Mp3 format has been specially appreciated).
I have also look to your "unknown" photos (very interesting too) and I want to comment them. It must be stressed that I'm simply an amateur ornithologist, therefore I'm not an "authority" in this topic, but I got some experience in birdwatching in the field.
About the photo on the right in the first row: for me it's 99% a shearwater, it's likely a manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) because in your photo a "capped" effect is shown clearly. In this specie the flight pattern is very distinctive: it flies very close to the sea surface (as shown in the photo) with wings kept perpendicularly to the body, showing you alternatively the dark upperparts or the white underparts (see photo).
About the second and third rows, the photos on the right: in both cases it seems me a sanderling (calidris alba) if the size of this wader is as small as I feel watching your photo. The relatively short black straight bill and almost white appearance of the underparts are distinctive in my opinion. It would be helpful to watch the tail upperparts when flying (quite blackish). Also in the other two photo showing small waders (although less clear than the above mentioned ones) I can see some (all?) sanderlings.
The last photo is a mystery for me. . . . what kind of laridae is it??

Finally, I'm interested to know what kind of recording apparatus (digital ?) do you use. Is there a cheap solution? At present, I 'm using a digital camera that has sound recording capabilities, but it isn't the best solution of course.
I do my observations in Italy (central Italy on the west coast side).

Sincerely yours

Marco Dragonetti
Grosseto - Italy