Saturday, March 31, 2001

"Two species - but which?" : I like very much, thank you!

Hi from

Sanne from Denmark

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Hi Juhani:
I found your page just a couple of days ago. Wonderful sounds.
Your success could have reached any stage by adding descriptions,
pictures, Please try.
Best regards,
A. Halaas

Sunday, March 11, 2001


My name is Marcel Greard, I'm living in France in a very little town Anguerny (720 h) near Caen in Normandy. I'm building my personnal web site , On this web site, I speak on birds than people who are leaving in my country can meet in their garden.
So, on the web site I have seen many of your birds photographies. All these photographies are very beautiful (motacilla alba, passer domesticus, parus caeruleus, parus major, hirundo, pyrrhula pyrrhula etc...). I should be very happy if you give me the authorization to put this photos on my site.

Au revoir,

Sorry for my poor English


The pictures that You refer to are taken from our site "The Virtual Bird".
For non-profit site (as I see Your project) we do not have any problems with referring to our photographs. For every photograph You must include a copyright statement with link to "The Virtual Bird"-site and give credit to the photographer. (This belgian site that You refer to does not have the link to the original site!)
Best of luck with Your project.