Friday, April 14, 2000

Hi Ilkkah,

I've just been to your web site and enjoyed playing some of the sounds - I will be back.

Where did you record the Chaffinch [Fringilla coelebs]. The song ends with a 'kick' which I have not heard in Britain or other parts of Europe. I know that Chaffinch in central Europe add this noise at the end but this is the first recording I have heard.

Best regards

Dave Curtis
North Wales


I'm answering in Ilkkas behalf.
This recording is from 1988 in Heinola Finland. This is the way Chaffinch sings over here in Finland. Ilkka says that he remembers it to be the same from nineteenfifties.
Many non-birders over here mix it with Phylloscopus trochilus, Willow Warbler - the most common bird in Finland. Willow warblers song ends "going down" or donward slope, Chaffinch with the "kick" is much more positive, upwards ending.

PS. BTW, we have just updated most of the song files to higher quality, and with the change over to mp3-format the samples are longer. There are also new species added. Enjoy!